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About Indira IVF

Making the final decision to have a baby is magnificent. This is to choose once and for all to have your own heart go strolling outside your whole body and it is their tiniest feet which create the greatest footprints in our hearts. A baby also brings the hope that something wonderful is about to happen and Indira IVF was born behind these noble thoughts. In the year 1988 in a humble two-room clinic in the city of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Indira IVF is the brain child of Dr. Ajay Murdia (a career spanning more than three decades), which has now grown into one of the leading fertility chain in India from its humble beginnings with IVF centers across the length and breadth of the Indian peninsula.

We at the Indira IVF group of fertility clinics know that you both are going to be a marvelous parent this world has ever known and yet you have no one to shower all this love to since infertility has challenged you but we are here to change all that for you and you are going to come out stronger from it.

As we are equipped with world class technology and state of the art infrastructure at the Indira IVF group of fertility clinics which caters for a host of infertility treatments like IVF (In vitro fertilization), Laser Assisted Hatching, Cryopreservation, ICSI, IUI, Blastocyst culture and transfer, Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy including donor programs.

Indira IVF centre is the pioneer in providing affordable yet creditable infertility curation to the common people for the first time in India. It is armed with the state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced equipments and a pool of renowned physicians. We started with a two room clinic back in 1988 and today we stand tall as one of the most esteemed and prestigious IVF service providers in the country and beyond. We are deeply committed to provide all the primary and ancillary services related to your treatment under the same roof because we understand the significance of a concerted, meticulous and well-oiled network for your pregnancy success.

Indira IVF has worked on following 4 Pillars


Indira IVF has been working continuously to bring down IVF treatment cost with best medical care to make it affordable for common masses. In last five years, the cost of IVF cycle from 4-5 lakh has brought down significantly. It has made the treatment affordable for different sections of the society.


Indira IVF group has been instrumental in spreading awareness using scientific methods to deal with infertility by organizing free awareness campaigns under the banner “Nisantanta Bharat Chodo”. Till now, we have successfully organized 1700+ infertility checkup and awareness camps throughout the nation.


With an aim to provide advanced fertility setup across India, Indira IVF had already established 70+ dedicated IVF Centers throughout the nation with a plan to open 10 more centers this year to make infertility treatment available for patients within a short range of 200 km from their home.


The success rate speaks for itself and it at par with the best fertility centers worldwide. Over 49,000+ couples have been joyous during the IVF treatment in last seven years at different Indira IVF centers.

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Board of Directors

Dr.Ajay Murdia

Dr.Ajay Murdia is the founder & chairman of Indira IVF group. Indira infertility clinic started in 1988 with his main focus on Male infertility. His first research got published in “THE LANCET”, a well known medical journal from London, UK where luckily first IVF baby declaration was also made by scientists from london. He introduced for the first time in India “Closed Working Chamber”, an advanced IVF technique imported from Australia for increased success chances in May 2011 at Indira IVF with an aim to offer affordable infertility treatment to a common man. With his aim, vision & guidance Indira IVF wishes to open more centres in all the states of India so infertile couples don’t have to travel far distance to reach Indira IVF for their fertility treatments.

Dr.Kshitiz Murdia
Medical director

Dr.Kshitiz Murdia is the Medical director of Indira IVF group. Started his IVF career in 2010-2011, he was one of the youngest doctors in India doing IVF at that time; awarded with young achiever in Rajasthan award in 2014 he now holds an experience of over 12000+ IVF cases. He has done Fellowship in infertility from Singapore and attended many national and international conferences and has delivered lectures on many scientific topics. His main focus is on training young budding gynaecologist in the field of ART and has created one of the largest team of Fertility experts in India at Indira IVF. Being a Medical professional, he is passionate for his work and a diligent doctor. He mainly looks after Patient treatment protocols, Documentation & Medical records department, Ethical & Transparent protocol enforcement at all the Indira IVF centres.

Mr.Nitiz Murdia
Director Marketing

A graduate from IIT Kharagpur, previous experience of working over 5 years in Schlumberger Ltd., Oil Sector Service company where he was working and managing the Bombay High operation as manager. He decided to switch over and joined Indira IVF in the year 2011. He has been instrumental in creating a trusted, credible brand for IVF treatment by making it reach even to interior villages so people can have access to the most advanced ultra-modern technology. He mainly looks after the Corporate Administration, Corporate Relationships, Marketing and Customer satisfaction.

Mr.Ashish Lodha
Director Finance

Mr. Ashish Lodha is the CFO and working as Director Finance at INDIRA IVF. Started his career with Edelweiss Capital Treasury desk and then moved over to Morgan Stanley hedge Funds Division. Prior to joining INDIRA IVF, Mr. Ashish Lodha was working with Citibank Singapore working as Vice-President, Mutual Fund team. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and holds a Masters of Commerce Degree with an extensive background and experience in Finance, Banking, Mergers & Acquisitions & Strategic Planning..

Mr.Manish Khatri
Director Operations

Mr.Manish Khatri is Director of Operations. He has rich experience in new start-ups & expansion process. His contribution to Indira IVF has excelled its growth by reaching to target customers by expanding its centres and reduce the travel time of patients with proximity centres. He mainly looks after daily operations, customer services & faculty management, administration and public relations.

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