Should we work on pain or infertility?

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May 4, 2018
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May 5, 2018

Should we work on pain or infertility?

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The pain in the abdominal area as well as the pelvic area that women feel is at times quite unbearable. What makes this pain worse is that the majority of women who go through such pain are infertile. Experienced patients and IVF specialists assert that the emotional stress and twinge that these women feel is absolutely unparalleled. But the same people also mention that working one’s way around the pain smartly is essential to eradicate the pain all together.

Doctors from the most admired fertility clinics claim that most of the patients that approach them regarding this pain are desperate to treat it even before they discuss about their infertility. It is absolutely understandable that pain is something that requires immediate attention and treatment as it is not only distracting but disrupting for one’s daily chores and routine making their life difficult. Hence, there is immense desperation to get rid of it. But experts say that it is better to focus on treating one’s infertility first. This might make several patients confused and unhappy since it means that they will have to bear the intense pain longer. However, the good news is that pregnancy is a certain treatment for the pain in itself. Since in most of the cases the reason behind the pain is an abnormality in the reproductive organs or simply infertility, treating the same eventually cures the pain.

Even if the pain is not caused by the infertility in the patient, it should still be prioritized by the doctor. This is because if the patient waits for the pain to be cured, they will waste a lot of precious and limited time left for them to have children. Also, the medications used to treat the pain such as birth control pills and more work against fertility. In addition, even the treatments or surgical procedures performed to treat the pain cause depletion in one’s already suffering fertility, procedures such as Laparoscopy in which endometrial cysts, which could be causing the pain, are removed surgically; a portion of the ovarian tissue also gets removed unintentionally causing further infertility. These medications and procedures may bring relief from the unbearable pain, but they will cost the patient their chances to have a baby.

A good doctor will always choose to treat the infertility of the patient before treating the pain. Therefore, these patients should make their decisions accordingly and safeguard their fertility.

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