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May 5, 2018
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May 5, 2018

Pregnancy Worries

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Pregnancy is a blissful time for most women and their husbands where they get to grow learn and experience plenty of new things. It can be cheerful and exciting for many but at the same time, stressful and grueling for some too.

It is the tendency of many to assume their condition on the basis of their ultrasound scans and even on the basis of the doctor’s or sonographer’s body language while and after attending them.

Indira IVF center, New Delhi, one of the top and most renowned IVF treatment facilities in Delhi states that it is normal to have numerous questions regarding the pregnancy about whether the baby is growing normally or whether it is in the correct position and more. The patients must understand that the growth of a fetus is different for different women. From hearing a clear and recognizable heartbeat to the size, it can all differ from woman to woman. Therefore, worrying about these factors is futile.

Also, patients need to understand that the person attending them for sonography is not going to disclose the report of their scans to them. Instead, they need to submit them to the doctors who would later discuss on the topic with them. Not so surprisingly, many patients assume this action by the attendee to be alarming and get apprehensive about their condition thinking that there might be some complication.

Yes, pregnancy can be tough and the suspense and curiosity takes a toll on the patients. But it is crucial for them to be aware yet calm about everything that they are going through rather than worrying and over-assuming every possible thing they can find. In fact relaxation, happiness and positivity are the keys to a successful pregnancy.

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