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PCOD : Causes, Symptoms and Treatment




PCOD : Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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  • Posted By Nitiz Murdia

PCOD: An Overview

PCOD or PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Disease or syndrome) is a medical problem in which level of sex hormones – estrogen and progesterone – of women go haywire which induces growth of small ovarian cysts. Disruption of menstrual cycle, fertility issues, cardiac problems and unwarranted changes in appearance are some of the implications of PCOD. These cysts are mostly benign in nature but they cause imbalance of hormone level which results into pregnancy-related issues.

Causes of PCOD

Hormonal Imbalance
Prior history of PCOD in family
Genetic reasons
Elevated level of Androgen hormone

Symptoms of PCOD

Excessive hair on body and face
Weight Gain
Irregular or abnormal periods
Pain and bleeding during periods
Pelvic pain
Despondency and anxiety
Problems pertaining to fertility and pregnancy

Chances of pregnancy in PCOD

Women who have been afflicted by PCOD are quite likely to have high-risk pregnancies hence they need meticulous monitoring and utmost discretion. Miscarriage, premature delivery and gestational diabetes are some of the complication which women can face. However, there are a lot of efficacious treatments that help women with PCOD become pregnant.

PCOD Treatments

Healthy diet and Exercise – A salutary and holistic diet comes in handy in regulating menstrual cycle and reducing blood glucose level. Regular exercise is essential to check weight gain.

Birth-control pills – This option is recommended for women who do not wish to get pregnant or harbor dreams of pregnancy. These pills alleviate pain, regulate menstrual cycle reduces level of male hormones like testosterone.

Anti-Androgen Drugs – These drugs brings down level of Androgen that comes in handy in scuttling excessive hair growth and acne. They also keep testosterone in check.

Fertility Drugs – Fertility Drugs are quite conducive for administrating and expediting ovulation among women who are facing fertility issues due to PCOD.

Surgery – Laparoscopy is an immensely effective surgery in treating women with PCOD as it drills multiple holes in ovary and carefully destroys abnormal ovarian tissues that are causing problems. This restores normal ovarian functions and enables women to ovulate. Surgeons, however, must keep in mind to only destroy stroma and not the cortex of ovary as cortex is the repository of eggs and if damaged, the entire ovarian process get adversely affected.