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Menopause : Causes, Symptoms and Pregnancy in Menopause




Menopause : Causes, Symptoms and Pregnancy in Menopause

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There comes a time in every woman’s life when her menstruation ceases. In medical terms, when a woman’s ovaries stop functioning & does not have any menstrual bleeding for a year, it is termed as Menopause. Menopause is not exactly a disease; it is just a stage in every woman’s life. The age of occurrence of Menopause differs from person to person. Some women reach early menopause in their 30s while some in their mid 50s. But usually menopause occurs from 45s to 50s.

Signs of Menopause

A) Irregular Periods: When women start experiencing irregular periods, it may be the first sign of menopause. When the timing and duration of periods begin going haywire and become erratic, women must become alert about the ramifications.

B) Decline in Fertility: During the pre-menopause phase, the estrogen levels of women start plummeting significantly which adversely affects their chances of becoming pregnant.

C) Vaginal Dryness: One starts experiencing itching and dyspareunia (pain during sex) in pre-menopause period which is called vaginal atrophy.

D) Hot Flashes: Sudden feeling of warmth on the face, neck, chest or other parts of upper body which later percolate to lower parts too is referred to as Hot Flashes. It may cause profuse sweating.

E) Urinary Problems: Many women start facing urinary problems in pre-menopause phase and are susceptible to urinary tract infections, such as cystitis.

Pregnancy in Menopause

A lot of people often mistakenly construe pre-menopause period as menopause. The transitional phase when a woman is inching towards cessation of menses is called menopause. One can get pregnant during the transition phase or the process of menopause or pre-menopause period. Just because you start having irregular periods, it is not right to assume that you have scaled menopause. It is most likely a pre-menopause phase. Only when you don’t have menstruation for 12 months, chances of menopause kick in.

Also, periods can become irregular or stop because of other medical reasons too. So only when doctor or a specialist confirms menopause after proper check-up and tests, one must assured.

In the post-menopause phase, woman cannot conceive naturally because ovaries no longer contain eggs that can be fertilized with sperms. But they can get pregnant in post-menopause period through IVF with donor eggs.