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How to Find the Best Doctor

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The first question that infertile patients ask their family doctors and physicians is to help them find or suggest a good IVF doctor. On being unable to answer this question, they are judged unnecessarily for not telling anything about any other doctor. However, they must understand that not all doctors wish to deviate their patients from other doctors. But several IVF specialists from the best IVF hospitals and surrogacy clinics claim that even they cannot contemplate or be certain about whether the doctor, whose name they plan to suggest, will be able to provide 100 percent results to the patients or not. So, it is pretty obvious that they do not wish to send needy patients to just anyone without making sure that they are competent.

Also, it is very important that the patient and doctor share a form of mutual trust. This is greatly significant for the smooth running of the treatment and the eventual achievement of affirmative results.

Trusting the doctor cannot depend on the names of other doctors whom one’s family doctors suggest. It depends on with whom the patients feel a connection that persuades them to trust that doctor. No physician can forcibly make a patient trust an IVF doctor. It comes from within the patients. Now many people would stand against this statement and it is quite obvious to do so. Their counter would be that how can a patient question a doctor’s capabilities? Doesn’t the doctor know much better? Hasn’t he studied and practiced medicine for years? How is that equal to what the patients have learnt from different sources? However, the truth is that indeed, people can and must judge the doctor. It does not mean that the patients can judge him or her on the basis of their scientific and medicinal know-how, but rather on their emotional capabilities. If a doctor is sympathetic, understanding and motivating, then one can feel relieved knowing that the doctor is authentic and genuinely cares about his or her patients. Hence, this doctor is the perfect one for the patients in concern.

How does one get to know whether the doctor is empathetic and understanding enough? It’s quite simple. Following the below mentioned points can help patients make a better choice when it comes to choosing IVF doctors-

• Gain as much information regarding infertility and other related conditions or symptoms so that once you approach the doctor, you will already be much better prepared and will also be able to communicate with them better hence, saving the time of both the parties.

• Some of the questions patients can ask their doctors include:-

  • What are the facilities, treatments and equipments available in the clinic?
  • For how long has the clinic been conducting infertility treatments?
  • How successful have these treatments been?
  • How well does the staff work?
  • How often is the doctor available?
  • What are the complications or side effects of infertility treatments?
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