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May 4, 2018
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May 4, 2018

Accidents and Pregnancy

Sometimes, pregnant women may find themselves in completely unexpected situations. Some of these situations include tripping on something slippery, getting hurt on the abdominal area or getting involved in an accident and other similar mishaps. According to experts from the best IVF centres in Delhi and IVF hospitals in Delhi, suffering an injury or accident can direct one’s pregnancy towards a high-risk pregnancy.

Some of the complications that an accident can cause in a pregnancy are as follows-

•    The fetus may suffer from a severe injury especially on the head.
•    In case of a car accident, the sudden stoppage of the vehicle can cause a contra-coup injury resulting in a concussion or a heavy blow. During this, the force with which a part of the body has received the blow travels to the part on the opposite side of the site of impact and causes rupture and internal bleeding.
•    Slow growth rate of the baby
•    Preterm labor complications
•    Placenta abruption
•    Higher stress levels and BP
•    Mental Trauma for the mother
•    Pre-eclampsia
•    Premature labor

The best way to avoid any of the aforementioned complications is to immediately consult one’s physician. He or she will suggest remedies according to the condition of the pregnancy which may include certain medications or even manual induction of labor. Furthermore, the pregnancy will be regularly and stringently monitored to catch even the tiniest sign of trouble on time.

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